California Mission EVOO - 8.5 fl. oz.

California Mission EVOO - 8.5 fl. oz.

The roots of the California Mission Olive are in the orchards of the Jesuit and Franciscan missions founded several centuries ago throughout California. Mission towns pressed the olive into oil, which was used for cooking, healing wounds and lubricating machinery, as it had been in Europe for over 4000 years. Batches of oil were also blessed and used in sacramental ceremonies.

Since its introduction to California in the late 1700s, the Mission variety olive has evolved through inter-plantings, numerous locations and natural selection.

Many efforts have been made to keep the tradition of delicious California Mission Olive Oil alive. It's smooth taste makes it a highly sought after olive oil when it comes to California Olive Oils.
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    Velvety-smooth, and decadently buttery. Its mild taste effortlessly lends itself to a gentle touch of sweet flavor. Combine with our balsamic vinegars to use as a marinade on pork or chicken. They are also great salad dressing combinations.
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