Olive Oil Blends &

Barrel-aged Balsamic Vinegars

Premium extra virgin olive oils from around the world & barrel-aged balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy


Rideout Bistro Oils/Big Sur Gourmet is dedicated to bringing you amazing quality products at a price that is fair to you, the consumer. We are always looking for new flavors and products that will enhance your eating experience!


This is your olive oil website where you can also buy your balsamic vinegar online! Enjoy choosing from Big Sur Gourmet or Rideout Bistro Oils' olive oil gourmet treats and our many barrel-aged balsamic varieties.







Rideout Bistro Oils/Big Sur Gourmet will now be offering olive oil gift sets for your special occasion gift giving, or if a balsamic vinegar gift might be what you are looking for, look no further!


Olive oil baskets from Rideout Bistro Oils/Big Sur Gourmet also make the perfect Corporate Gift. Please refer to the "Our Story" page for an "easy to contact us" form regarding Gift Baskets & Corporate Gifts.

Rideout Bistro Oils/
Big Sur Gourmet
Street Fairs & Events

At Rideout Bistro Oils/Big Sur Gourmet we always look forward to the street fairs and events throughout the year. They give us a chance to visit with our customers, and get great feedback regarding our products. Many of you have been loyal customers for over eight years, and we are very thankful for your business.


We look forward to many more years of serving you and providing you with great products!

Olive Oil gift sets & balsamic vinegar gifts

Rideout Bistro Oils


Learn more about the health benefits of olive oil & barrel-aged balsamic vinegar
It seems like everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with "new" information telling us what we should add to our diets to improve our health.
When, all along, some of the most beneficial
"health and beauty aids" have been right under our noses...
from Rideout Bistro Oil & Big Sur Gourmet
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